March 2020 Information Sessions

This March we are providing hands-on training with Office 365, Solstice and Zoom tools for your courses, meetings and collaborations. Office 365 – Digital Storytelling with Sway: From student reports to monthly newsletters, today’s classrooms have many stories to tell.  Digital storytelling with Microsoft Sway lets teachers and students focus on the content and not […]

Spring 2017 Classroom Technology Reminders

Dear Faculty & Staff –   As we begin a new semester, IT Support would like to provide some reminders regarding classroom technology.   Already this semester, there have been cables disconnected and removed from the classrooms.  Please do not remove any cables, as this impacts other courses scheduled in the room. Do not unplug […]

New Login Procedure for Windows 7 Lab and Podium Computers

Windows 7 lab and podium computers will require users to log in by appending “” to the Access ID username (e.g., Login attempts that do not include “” will result in a “The user name or password is incorrect” message, even if the Access ID password is correct. For login-related questions or problems, please […]

Transparency Projectors and DVD/VHS to be phased out

Transparency Projectors In classrooms with a permanently installed document camera, the old transparency projectors on carts will be removed in favor of the newer technology. If you’d like an introduction to all you can do with a document camera, please call Griff Lewis (ext 2654) for a mutually convenient time. DVD/VHS DVD/VHS players will be […]