Lab Attendants

Penn State Worthington Scranton IT Support

Student Lab Attendant Program

Employment with Worthington Scranton IT Support will provide essential workplace experience, helping you develop the range of skills necessary to work with technology in today’s world, or to begin a career in the IT industry.  Lab attendants will work alongside experienced IT professionals, who are excited to share their skillsets and knowledge with student learners.  Lab attendants will also complete independent assignments and projects, where they can apply their expanding abilities to a variety of situations.

Lab Attendant experience will include:

  • Supervising Worthington Scranton’s main computer lab, both in  conjunction with IT Support staff and independently.
  • Providing technical assistance to end-users, in person and remotely via phone and email.
  • Campus event setups, including work with projectors, microphones, and sound systems.
  • Helping to set up & maintain classroom technology.
  • Supporting multimedia projects, including video production and editing.
  • Development of critical thinking & problem solving skills.

Upon completion of their service, student lab attendants will have critical experience for their resume, which lays a foundation for both  technical and customer-facing or management-track IT career paths.   In additional to their technical skills, students will have relevant workplace experience, and will understand professional expectations and conduct.

Student Lab Attendants are paid employees of Penn State.

For more information, or to apply, contact:

Marilee Mulvey, Director of Information Technology
Robert Notari, System Administrator
Griffith Lewis, Instructional Designer

IT Support Office: Dawson 116
Phone: 570-963-2551

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