Beginning in February 2018, Penn State Scranton has upgraded it’s telephones to new Cisco models.  Users will encounter three models of phone on campus: the 8811 in offices, the 7821 in classrooms, and the 8831 conferencing phone in conference rooms such as SLC29.  Printable guides and references are available below.  Most phone functions will be familiar to users.  The dialing rules for all campus phones are as follows:

4-Digit On-Campus Dialing

Outbound calls to other on-campus numbers will remain as 4-digit dialing.

[8 + 1] Off-Campus Dialing

Outbound calls to off-campus numbers will all begin by dialing [8] and [1] followed by the Area Code and phone number.

Long Distance Dialing

Domestic long distance dialing is now available at no extra charge.  However, international dialing is a per-minute charge.  Access to international long distance is a programmable feature.

Emergency Calls 9-1-1

All emergency calls to 911 will be dialed DIRECTLY.  Do NOT dial [8] and [1].

Telephone Guides

Reference materials for each of these models can be found below, which cover the meaning of the included buttons and lights, and instructions for basic phone tasks such as dialing calls, placing callers on hold, and viewing the call history.

Office phones reference (Cisco 8811)

Classroom phones reference (Cisco 7821)

Conference phones reference (Cisco 8831)


Office phone, Cisco 8811, with major function buttons labeled. Click image to view fill-size.

Voicemail, transfers, & conferencing

Voicemail with the Cisco phones is different from what user’s have experienced in the past.  Voicemail is now available through the internet as well as through the phone itself, and users are able to change their own voicemail passwords.

The Voice Mail Quick Start Guide provides instructions for all methods of access, as well as voicemail setup, settings, and menus.

Accessing Department Voice Mail is a little different from accessing your own, but is easily done in 3 steps.

The Voicemail, transfer, and conferencing guide also provides an easy, step-by-step reference for those common functions, in an easily printable format.



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